Training Solution for Fire Departments

Training Solution for Fire Departments

Business challenges:

The primary challenge was to come up with the solution which gathers and provides various types of training data (manuals, training instructions, photos etc.) supplied from a numerous fire departments across Switzerland. The cooperation between firefighter entities serves as the main purpose of the project, therefore the flawless work of the solution was crucial to emphasize the initial idea.

Our solution:

The solution helps fire brigades plan and execute their training efficiently while adhering to legal objectives and cantonal guidelines. Besides, it provides opportunities to organize teaching courses and manage fires statistics.

  • Exercise and course preparation

The solution supports the entire training process, be it in the planning phase, in practice or in the training sequence.

  • Learning content, tools and manuals

The solution hosts every type of relevant learning content in a convenient manner. There’s no need to spend time on searching through documents or save them one by one.

  • Application documentation

Deployment logs are easy to capture. Thus, integration with alarm systems and mission planning / operations management software enables a seamless flow of information.

Users Area

  • department and authority management;
  • exercises management to teach employees;
  • events management to organize employees timetable;
  • management of departures for emergency calls;
  • expenses accounting;
  • to-dos management;
  • files uploading;
  • reports printing;
  • role based system;

Authorities Area

  • management of exercises, topics and courses templates;
  • management of departments timetables and events;

Business benefits

  • The main benefit lies within the simplification of the workflow. Thanks to our solution, squad members from each department have an easy access to their data, without resorting to emailing or saving files. This way, it’s possible to find all the information in one place and focus on basic duties when training.


Region: Switzerland

Industry: Education

Type: Web, Mobile

Engagement model: Time and Materials

Duration: 2015 and running

Staff: 5 dedicated developer

Platforms: Web, Mobile


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