RMNexo is a full-cycle website design and development company.

Here are the industries we have been working for since our inception in 2015:

  • Banking
  • Education
  • Telecom
  • Media
  • Insurance
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Travel
  • Our expertise

    Content management

    • CMS/CDPs
    • Document management
    • Digital asset management
    • Social media
    • Content repositories and BI

    Business support

    • CRM/CXM and loyalty
    • ERP and PLM
    • Project and task management
    • Business workflow automation
    • Online service platforms

    e-Commerce portals

    • Online retail stores
    • Online payment solutions
    • B2B and B2C marketplaces
    • Booking systems
    • Bidding platforms and auctions

    Enterprise portals

    • Intranets and extranets
    • Knowledge bases
    • ECM/EDM
    • HR portals
    • BI and big data

    Our approach

    Great software not only meets business needs but also anticipated business growth. As a custom web development company, we stick to the following principles to ensure both.

    Scalability. We come up with the right architecture and tools so that your solution can easily scale to support your growth.

    Easy content management. When integrating the solution into your existing software, we ensure smooth data exchange across the entire infrastructure.

    Seamless integration.We streamline the workflows so that non-technical staff can easily create, edit and publish content in line with the company’s voice.

    Outstanding user experience.Before starting a project, we delve deep into user needs and limitations to create an intuitive and engaging solution.

    Security. While developing your software, we protect enterprise and personal data from third-party access, fraud and other threats.


    PHP, Python, Big Data, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5
    JS: AngularJS, React, Backbone.js, Knockout.js, jQuery
    Node.js: Express, Koa
    PHP: Laravel, Yii
    Python: Django, Flask

    Whatever the goal behind your solution, we provide the entire range of custom web development services to help you achieve it from A to Z.

    > POC and prototyping
    >  UX/UI design
    >  Redesign and migration to another platform
    >  Implementation
    >  QA and testing
    >  Mobile optimization
    >  Maintenance and support


    Bring in high performance and easy customization into your application, taking advantage of a large number of libraries and extensions.


    Benefit from real-time, data-intensive web applications running at high speed across multiple devices.


    Provide outstanding visual experiences and usability across browsers and devices.


    Benefit from real-time, data-intensive web applications running at high speed across Cross-platform.


    Step 1
    You share the project documentation or outline the idea of your future app.
    Step 2
    Our BAs sit down with your stakeholders to work out a detailed requirements specification.
    Step 3
    Our developers outline the implementation process and help you choose the right technology.
    Step 4
    We estimate the project and come up with a development quote.
    Step 5
    We sign an NDA, and the project kicks off.


    Step 1
    We build a team of web developers managed by a PM and available 24/7 through all means of communication to promptly address your feedback.
    Step 2
    During the project, we keep you regularly updated on the progress, including calls and daily standups.
    Step 3
    Our QA and test engineers step in to ensure the software works as it should.
    Step 4
    We integrate the software with your existing solutions.

    As your web solution is ready, we go on to improve it, creating new functionality in line with your evolving needs.